The YTA70 delivers all the benefits found in the YTA50 while adding HART digital protocol communication. The HART protocol allows you to conveniently configure the transmitter using the latest FDT/DTM technology. The YTA70 is the choice for all your control applications.

YTA70 features include:

  • 4 to 20 mA DC Analog Output
  • HART 5 Digital Protocol Output (-E version)
  • Selectable HART 5 / 7 Digital Protocol Output (-J version)
  • 17 Input Types
  • Head Mount or DIN Rail Mount


YTA70 Overview


Variety of Sensor Inputs

The type of sensor input is user-selectable: RTD, Thermocouple (T/C), DC Voltage, or Resistance.


Head Mounting



                          YTA70 mounted in a #2 connection head.

YTA70 is DIN Form B compliant and can be mounted in a #2 or #9 connection head. It can use an adapter plate to attach to a #5 connection head.


DIN Rail Mounting


YTA70 Single Input

YTA70 with Logo (1)



  • As the main automation contractor (MAC) for this plant construction project, Yokogawa Brazil engineered, installed, and commissioned an integrated control and instrumentation solution
  • Yokogawa Brazil completed the commissioning of these systems ahead of schedule and the production of green polymer was started just one week later
HART Protocol Revision On a YTA70 with an output signal code of -J, the HART protocol revision of the transmitter can be selectable from HART 5 or HART 7. The HART protocol revision is set and shipped as specified in the order. To change the H...
Edition 02
Yokogawa offers two different DIN rail mount temperature transmitters. YTA70P The YTA70P is a blade-style panel-mount temperature transmitter that accepts thermocouples, RTDs, ohms, or DC millivolts input and converts it to a 4 to 20 mA DC sign...
Edition 02
DIN Rail Mounted - The YTA50 or YTA70 does have a DIN rail mount kit available. The kit includes all hardware required. Contact your local Yokogawa representative for complete details.   ...
Edition 1
What is a RTD?
Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), also called resistance thermometers, are sensors used to measure temperature. See below.
Head-mount The YTA50 or YTA70 is available mounted in the head of a temperature sensor purchased on the same order. There are a few conditions that must be met in the model selection of the sensor, and there is a nominal fee associated with th...
Edition 2


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