Comprehensive Solutions value from business to operation

Yokogawa has a variety of solutions that will help its customers achieve sustainable business growth and realize operational excellence, from both the technical side and the business side.

Creating further value for our customers through comprehensive solutions

  • Rapid implementation of strategy

  • Mitigation of integration risks

  • Continuous improvement

comprehensive solutions creating value for customers

With the KBC acquisition, Yokogawa became the only company that can provide customers comprehensive "360 degree" solutions by adding Business Strategy & Operations Management Consulting capability.

OT (Operational Technology), in which Yokogawa is traditionally strong, builds a basis for mission critical automation systems and safe operations. IT (Information Technology) provides the platform for collaboration and production optimization by connecting various types of systems and digital plant data. We know that OT and IT are undergoing a convergence to create further value for our customers. And we are going beyond what others are doing by adding the market-leading consulting capability.

The combination of KBC’s operational knowledge and Yokogawa’s automation solutions will ensure maximum sustainable value for our customers.


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