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It has been more than ten years since the first digitized field devices were introduced. The standardization of fieldbus communication protocols and advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) have accelerated the growth in intelligence of field devices, enabling much information to be used to monitor device conditions online. 

Customer Challenge

A More Efficient Maintenance Approach Using Field Digital Technology

Know exactly what is happening with your field devices: Usually there are so many devices from a variety of vendors and it is difficult for any one operator to monitor their health. An easy to implement and time saving solution must be found.

Making sure essential know-how is not lost: With the retirement of your most experienced operators, you stand the risk of losing the knowledge and expertise needed to properly maintain field devices

Reducing maintenance time and cost: It's s a waste of time and money to check devices that are funtioning normally, which is what often happens with time-based maintenance (TBM). A more effective approach is needed that allows you to know exactly when maintenance should be performed.

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Field Asset KPI Report

Our Solutions

Take Your Plant Into the Digital Era and Make Efficient Use of Your Devices

Yokogawa field digital devices diagnostics show how to eliminate the root causes of inaccuracy in measurement and control. Condition monitoring of all field devices enables a condition-based maintenance (CBM) approach.

Visualize field device and process interface conditions: Automatically generated key performance indicator (KPI) reports provide numeric data that make it possible to spot at a glance which devices are generating alarms and in need of maintenance

Maximize use of field digital information: Combined with field digital baseline tuning, our consulting services show you how to maximize the availability of your field devices

Identify targets and establish an efficient maintenance workflow: Our KPI and consulting reports show how to prioritize maintenance activities. A condition and risk-based maintenance workflow reduces maintenance time and costs.

Customer Benefits

Field Asset KPI Report, Consulting Services, & Maintenance Optimization

A condition and risk-based maintenance and operation approach

  • Easier to prioritize maintenance work
  • Make the best use of your maintenance expenditures
  • Optimize Process operation

Get maximum benefits from field digital technology over the entire plant lifecycle

  • Have an exact, quantitative grasp of your field device conditions
  • Improve asset reliability by being able to analyze and solve bad actors

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation: Yokogawa's InsightSuiteAE enabled us to easily graso the device health and early detect problems that Mitsubishi engineers had not recognized. By using both PRM and KPI Report, Mitsubishi was actually able to spot a failure in a critical temperature transmitter that was connected to the safety system and could take corrective action before this could cause a plant shutdown.

Consulting Services and Maintenance Optimization
InsightSuiteAE - Improve Asset Productivity

Enabling Technology

InsightSuiteAE - Improve Asset Productivity

With the increasing demand for energy that has accompanied the economic growth of newly industrialized nations, companies need to find every possible way to add value and max out the efficiency of their production processes. And they must find a way to do this without doing harm to the environment and while complying with stringent HSE regulations.

Yokogawa has solutions for a sustainable future that solve the issues you face with your plant assets. We can detect problems at an early stage and put forth proposals that show you the way forward to achieving concrete improvements. We make it possible for you to slash your plant asset operating and maintenance costs while reducing both energy consumption and carbon emissions.


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