What is a Flushing Ring (Calibration Ring)?

Yokogawa diaphragm seal systems are available with an optional Flushing Ring.  A flushing ring is metal donut-shaped ring installed between the seal and the customer process connection. It is a wetted part. The ring has a port(s) that can be used to flush the surface of the diaphragm during cleaning. The ports are threaded and available in either ¼-inch or ½-inch sizes. The ports are available with extensions to make them easier to reach. The ring may also have ring holders to ensure the entire assembly aligns correctly to prevent leaks.

The ring can be referred to as a Calibration Ring. The flushing ports on the side of the ring allow the user to apply a calibration pressure and consequently calibrate the unit against that pressure. Calibration is accomplished by sandwiching the calibration ring between the remote seal and a blank process flange.

The ring can also serve as a reducer, a spacer, or a heat sink.

The ring is available as part of the diaphragm seal model code or as a separate line item.

Flushing Ring (R01)

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