Compact DX364

Paperless Compact Digital Recorder

The DX364 is a paperless recorder corresponding to 1/2 DIN or 3x6 (inch) recorders. It can be hooked up to a network via Ethernet, which enables email, web monitor and FTP. It can also communicate via Modbus TCP protocol.

It comes with a four channel model that accepts DC voltage, thermocouple, and contact signal inputs. The data is saved on a CF card that can be converted to Excel or ASCII format. In addition, the viewer software allows a PC to view & display waveforms and tabular data.

The DXAdvanced DX364 is a compact digital recorder that can be installed in tight spaces.

  • Basic Functions
    • Up to 4 channels of input
    • Start/stop recording by batch, and create data files
    • Internal memory increased to 80 MB
    • Enables control of calibration correction scheduling
  • Display & Operation
    • 4 channels per display group
    • Trend, bar, log, and digital display
  • Networking
    • Standard Ethernet interface
    • FTP, SMPT, NTP supported
    • Web server functionality
  • Reliability and Security
    • Dust and splash-proof front panel (IP65, NEMA4 compliant)
    • Highly reliable internal memory with error-correction function
    • Front panel door lock and login function
  • Application Software
    Software for a variety of tasks including analysis, settings, and acquisition


No cost; DAQSTANDARD is a free download. Go to Enter “daqstandard” as keyword in Software Search. Select software as search Type, click search. This takes you to the download page. Use license 116-00000-8807 to...


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