The AXG1A magnetic flow meter remote transmitter delivers outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed based on decades of field-proven experience. The AXG1A employs all Total Insight features, including an LCD indicator, infrared switches, and “Easy Setup” parameters. Combined with a sensor such as the AXG or AXW, its diagnostic function detects the adhesion level on the electrodes. The AXG1A also employs the “Dual Frequency Excitation Method” to ensure greater stability and quicker response time.

AXG1A Product Information

  AXG1A TransmitterAXG150_RF_PFA-No_Rings_01
(Reading Value)
Sensor Combination
- AXG: ±0.3% (Optional ±0.15%)
- AXW: ±0.35%
Size Sensor Combination
- AXG: 0.1" - 20"
- AXW: 1" - 40"
Use General Purpose
Liner Material Sensor Combination
- AXG: Ceramics, PFA
- AXW: PTFE, Polyurethane, Natural Soft Rubber, Natural Hard Rubber
Communication Protocols HART 7, BRAIN
Signal Cable Length 650 ft (200 m)
Main Function - Easy Setup Wizard, Trend Graph Display Function
- Data Logging Function (with microSD card)
- Parameter Backup / Restore / Duplication Function (with microSD card)
- Zero Adjustment
- Display Test Function
- Input/Output Test Function
Diagnostic Functions Application Diagnostics
- Electrode Adhesion Detection
- Sensor Empty Check
- Wiring Connection Diagnosis
- Flow Noise Diagnosis
- Low Conductivity Diagnosis
- Electrode Insulation Deterioration Diagnosis
Verification Function
- Built-in Verification
- Standard Verification (with FSA130 ADMAG TI Verification Tool)
- Enhanced Verification (with FSA130 ADMAG TI Verification Tool)
Current Signal Input: 1 ch (Active)
Output: 2 ch (Active)
Pulse/Status Signal Output: 2 ch (Active [with/without internal resistor]/Passive)
Status Signal Input: 2 ch (Dry Contact)
Output: 2 ch (Passive)
Alarm Signal Output: 1 ch (Passive)
Multiple Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese
Others - LCD with improved environmental resistance
- Equipped with temperature input terminal for density correction and calorie calculation


2D/3D Configurator

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