Primary Elements for DP Flow

Primary Flow Element DP FlowWhat is a Primary Flow Element?

In differential pressure (DP) flow measurement, the primary element is what generates the differential pressure in the fluid. Primary elements are crucial to obtaining accurate, stable flow measurements.


  • Accelabar

    The Accelabar’s flow nozzle is specifically designed to accelerate, condition, and linearize the velocity profile for Verabar averaging pitot to measure the differential pressure accurately.

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  • Low Flow Integral Orifice

    • Low Flow Integral Orifice
    • Differential Pressure transmitters infer flow of fluid through a pipe
    • Bernoulli's equation- pressure drop across constriction is proportional to square of flow rate
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Industrial Applications of Primary Flow Elements

Yokogawa offers a range of primary elements to suit various process conditions. Our primary elements for the Yokogawa DP flow transmitter include averaging pitot tubes for either volumetric or mass flow and integral flow orifices with an added option of pipe run.

  • Natural Gas
  • Chemical Plant
  • Steam

Benefits of Primary Flow Elements

  • Accurate differential pressure measurement
  • Flow measurement precision
  • Clog-free
  • Repeatability
  • Simplicity
  • Low operating costs


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