Flow Meter Selection Guide Poster

This 30"x40" poster is a quick reference tool that assists in selecting the appropriate flow meter for your application along with listing its features and benefits.

Flowmeter selection guide


  • Chemical

    Chemical plants rely on continuous and batch production processes, each posing different requirements for a control system. A continuous process calls for a robust and stable control system that will not fail and cause the shutdown of a production line, whereas the emphasis with a batch process is on having a control system that allows great flexibility in making adjustments to formulas, procedures, and the like. Both kinds of systems need to be managed in available quality history of product, and to be able to execute non-routine operations. With its extensive product portfolio, experienced systems engineers, and global sales and service network, Yokogawa has a solution for every plant process.

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  • Food & Beverage

    The food and beverage industry must produce safe, high-quality foods and beverages for consumers. In addition to quality control, the manufacturing processes include many challenges such as managing ingredients, improving efficiency and handling global environmental issues. Yokogawa leverages its decades of technological expertise to help customers build and operate the ideal factory.

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  • Oil & Gas

    Yokogawa has a wealth of experience in every part of the oil and gas business, from offshore and onshore facilities to pipelines, terminals, and deepwater operations. We provide solutions that enhance safety, ensure accurate and reliable operation, and increase plant efficiency.

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Related Products & Solutions


    ADMAG AE is the Advanced Engineering designed magnetic flowmeter, evolved from the field proven ADMAG series. ADMAG AE has a dual compartment housing providing ease of wiring while isolating the electronics from the environment. ADMAG AE continues the use of dual frequency excitation, which provides quick response and noise free output. ADMAG AE excitation method and a ceramic lining allow this magnetic flowmeter to be applied to an even greater range of applications.

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    The AXF magnetic flow meter is a sophisticated product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of field experience. Based on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus specifications, AXF Fieldbus Magnetic Flow meter models offer more flexible instrumentation.

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    The ADMAG TI series AXG is ideal for industrial applications including oil & gas, chemical, and pulp & paper. With built-in diagnostics and exclusive PFA injection liner, the AXG provides ease of operation while reducing total cost of ownership.

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    The ADMAG AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the fluid noise free "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving excellent stability for instrumentation.

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    The ADMAG TI series AXW is ideal for general industrial applications including water supply and sewage. Sizes range from 1" to 72" and an assortment of lining materials are available.

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    ADMAG CA magnetic flow meter is excellent at measurement in ultra-low conductivity fluids down to 0.01 microS/cm, adhesive fluids, or slurry fluids.

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    ADMAG SE is the Safe and Easy magnetic flow meter which makes your job simple and effective. You will increase the productivity and profitability. The installation, operation, and maintenance are all safe and easy.

    ADMAG SE is equipped with a dual compartment housing providing ease of wiring while isolating the electronics from the environment. It is also prepared with HART or BRAIN communication as standard and its light weight makes installation easy.

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  • Classic

    The classic vortex flow meter provides accurate, stable measurements for a wide variety of applications.

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  • Multivariable

    The multivariable type vortex flow meter features a shedder bar with an embedded temperature sensor that monitors temperature and calculates mass flow rate.

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  • Coriolis Flow Meters

    • ROTAMASS Coriolis Flow Meter
    • Integral and remote type Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
    • Refined digital signal processing electronics
    • Accurate, stable mass flow measurement 
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  • Field Instruments

    Yokogawa field instrument products includes a complete line of flowmeters, pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, level transmitters, Fieldbus instruments and safety measurement instrumentation.

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  • Flow Meters

    Yokogawa's range of flow meter instruments include vortex, magnetic, variable area, Coriolis, and differential pressure flow meters.

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  • Magnetic Flow Meters

    • Magnetic flowmeters ideal for conductive fluids 
    • Chemical, slurry, and mining applications
    • Minimal pressure loss
    • Available in four and two wires
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  • OpreX Field Instruments

    • OpreX field instrument products
    • Pressure, flow rate, temperature, level
    • High-performance sensors
    • Sable, high-precision performance under all circumstances
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  • Vortex Flow Meters

    Yokogawa's vortex flow meters are long-lasting and robust, offering field-proven sensor technology and high reliability to deliver improvements in plant efficiency and reduce OPEX.

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