Diaphragm Seal System

Differential Pressure Level Solutions

Diaphragm seals are used to prevent the process medium from entering directly into the pressure-sensing assembly of the Differential, Gauge, or Absolute pressure transmitter.

The applications that are suitable for diaphragm seal systems are measuring the liquid level, density, flow, and pressure of ;

  • high/low-temperature fluids
  • highly corrosive/high viscosity fluids
  • the fluids which may cause clogging of impulse piping in the low temperature
  • toxic fluids
  • the fluids containing suspended solids which are deposited in the impulse piping and may cause clogging.
Differential Pressure Level Solutions




Differential pressure (DP) level measurement is among the most common methods to determine the quantity of chemicals or raw materials inside a tank. Accurate quantification simply requires DP and the density. However, for tanks located outdoors, ambient temperature conditions can interfere with the level measurement due to the expansion and contraction of oil inside capillary tubes that are connected to diaphragm seals.

Process Specifications required for seal selection To select an appropriate assembly, the process conditions, installation requirements, and overall system performance must be taken into account. Here are some factors that will need to be considered...
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Diaphragm Seal A diaphragm seal attaches to a pressure transmitter and uses a fill fluid to 'mechanically' transfer pressure from the process to the pressure transmitter. A diaphragm seal is used for the following process con...
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