OpreX Field Instruments

A group of products that measure pressure, flow rate, temperature, and level, all of which are essential factors in plant operations. High-performance sensors that are based on proprietary state-of-the-art technology and designed for high reliability ensure stable and high-precision performance under all circumstances.

  • Pressure Transmitters

    The accurate and stable measurement of process pressure with Yokogawa Pressure Transmitters supports the safe, reliable, and profitable operation of your plant.

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  • Flow Meters

    Yokogawa's range of flow meter instruments include vortex, magnetic, variable area, Coriolis, and differential pressure flow meters.

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  • Level Meters

    Yokogawa has more than 45 years' experience in the development, design, and manufacture of pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. The DPharp series of digital pressure transmitters use a differential pressure high accuracy resonance (DPharp) sensor that represents one of the most revolutionary advances in transmitter technology.

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  • Field Wireless

    The flexibility of wireless solutions enables less investment in infrastructure while providing greater insights into plant operations.

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  • Remote Indicators

    Remote Indicators can be a valuable addition to process measurements by providing local visual awareness of your process variables. Yokogawa offers several different Indicators for you needs.

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  • Current to Pneumatic Converter

    Yokogawa has more than 40 years' experience in the development, design and manufacture of valve positioners and converters. They provide superior controllability and maintenance ability, which contributes to reduced plant operation costs.

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  • Pressure Calibrators

    Calibrators are used to validate and adjust the accuracy of field instrumentation, which can deteriorate over time due to harsh environmental or process conditions, leading to plant shutdowns and thus opportunity costs, or personnel injury.

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  • Mobile Maintenance App

    The Yokogawa Mobile Maintenance App enables users to perform complete HART device configurations via smartphone in conjunction with a Bluetooth Modem.

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Yokogawa’s ADMAG TI - AXG magnetic flowmeter (magmeter) with EtherNet/IP is used to measure the water moving from the pump to the snow cannons. The accurate measurement allows the operator to monitor and control the water in the mixture to produce artificial snow with the perfect consistency.


Accurate and durable magnetic flow meters (magmeters) were difficult to maintain in the process as the corrosive and abrasive nature of the process degraded their operation. That led to leaks that not only reduced the flow but also contaminated the product and the magmeters. Since Sigura maintained strong vigilance, the company needed to replace some magmeters monthly...



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