ADMAG AXR Two-wire Magnetic Flow Meter

The ADMAG AXR two-wire loop-powered magnetic flow meter can be installed in a two-wire system. The maximum power consumption of the AXR is 0.3W, 40 times less power draw than a traditional magnetic flow meter, resulting in CAPEX and OPEX savings. The ADMAG AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the fluid noise-free "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," a Yokogawa innovation, achieving excellent stability for instrumentation.


2-wire Power Loop

An extra AC power supply is not necessary. 2-wire loop powered performance allows direct connection to DCS I/O card possible, allowing for real cost reductions.

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX on site.
  • Power consumption reduced by 40% compared to a typical 4-wire magnetic flowmeter.
  • Annual CO2 emissions can be reduced from approximately 60 kg to 1.2 kg (compared to a standard 4-wire magnetic flowmeter).

Dual Frequency Performance

Yokogawa’s unique and advanced excitation method, "Dual Frequency Excitation," achieves stable measurement, zero stability and quick response times. The exclusive technology for stable and reliable measurement on your site.

Noise Reduction Technology

Flow noise reduction is further achieved by incorporating smooth mirror finished PFA liners and special surface finished electrodes. This is further enhanced with aligned super high density coils that generate a stronger magnetic field.

SIL2 Certified

Yokogawa believes safety should not be an option; it should be standard in all modern products. AXR is the first 2-wire magmeter of SIL2 Safety Integrity Level (IEC 61508) certified. AXR is capable of SIL2 single use and SIL3 redundant use, as standard.

Parameter Operation

AXR has magnet switches for parameter setting. Users can access the functions without removing the case cover in hazardous, humid, and dusty environments.

Adhesion Diagnostic Level Function

The electrode is one of the most important parts of a magnetic flow meter. Only ADMAG flow meters have "Adhesion Diagnostic Level Function". It diagnoses the condition of electrode surface and indicates the adhesion/coating in 4 levels. Users can change the detection level (threshold) depending on each individual process condition. This allows for predictive maintenance and reduced operating costs.

Alarm Indication

ADMAG AXR employs a full-dot matrix LCD indicator. It can display up to 3 lines as required by the user and is available in multiple languages. If an alarm is triggered, a clear message is displayed along with a solution.

High Accuracy

The ADMAG AXR performs 0.5% of rate under normal flow rate conditions.

Structure Integral flow meter
Excitation Method Dual frequency excitation
Nominal Pipe Size
[Unit : mm (approx. inch)]
General-purpose use: 25 (1.0) to 200 (8.0)
Explosion proof Type: 25 (1.0) to 200 (4.0)
Supply Voltage Operating voltage range 14.7 to 35 V DC Two-wire system
Output Signals Current output
Digital output (One output can be selected from pulse, alarm or status outputs.)
Electrode Material Stainless steel-JIS SUS316L (AISI 316L SS/EN 1.4404 equivalent), Hastelloy C276 equivalent, Tantalum, Platinum-iridium
Fluid Temp. - 40 to 130 deg.C (-40 to 266 deg.F) [ depends on model type ]
Ambient Temp. - 40 to 55 deg.C (-40 to 131 deg.F)
Accuracy 0.5% of rate (Note 1)
[ depends on nominal pipe size and fluid condition ]
Fluid Conductivity 10 micro-S/cm or larger
[ depends on nominal pipe size and fluid condition ]
Lining Fluorocarbon PFA (Mirror-finished lining surface) (Note 2)
Lay Length
[Unit : mm (approx. inch)]
Lay length code 1: Wafer ; size 80 (3.0) to 200 (8.0), Flange ; size 25 (1.0) to 200 (8.0)
Lay length code 2: Wafer ; size 25 (1.0) to 200 (8.0)
Indicator Full dot-matrix LCD
Operational Switch 4 magnet switches (including push switches)
Self Diagnosis Electrode adhesion diagnosis, Coil open, etc.
Alarm Message Alarm message with countermeasure is indicated
( English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese )
Options Direction change of the electrical connection, Special Gaskets,

* Please refer to General Specifications in detail.

Note 1: The accuracy of a product before shipment is defined as totalized value at the result of calibration test in our water actual flow test facility.

Note 2: Mirror finished PFA lining is standard for size 25 to 100 mm (1 to 4 in.) and optional for size 150 to 200 mm (6 to 8 in.) specified by optional code PM.

Application Note

The ADMAG AXR is the world's first 2-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the unique "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving 0.5% of rate of best-in-class accuracy and excellent stability for process measurement. In addition, the newly developed AXR key technologies," achieves the same level of noise immunity as 4-wire type under the fluid condition change and delivers enough performance to meet the requirement to apply in the control loop.


This paper introduces the ADMAG AXR 2-wire magnetic flomwmeter solution for dust collection water application of steel converter.


The new digester magmeter enabled accurate and stable flow measurement of the black liquor circulation line, helping the user to stabilize the cooking degree that determines the quality of the chip digesting process.


The pulp and paper industry holds some of the most aggressive and challenging applications for magmeters. There are corrosive chemicals, high temperatures and pressures, and abrasive slurries. One application which is particularly difficult is the measurement of pulp stock from the digester to the blow tank. Yokogawa can provide one of the most reliable and accurate meters for this application.


Control Engineering Asia, March 2012

Enabling the operational benefits of two-wire magnetic flow meters while maintaining the performance levels associated with traditional four-wire devices.

Yokogawa Technical Report

More than half a century has passed since Yokogawa developed Japan's first magnetic flow meter for industrial use in 1955, and today, Yokogawa's magnetic flow meters are widely used in a variety of applications thanks to features such as low pressure loss and maintenance-free operation due to no obstacles and moving parts in the fluid flowing pipeline.

Instruction Manuals
General Specifications

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