Process Analyzer Systems Integration

Process analytical systems integration provides solutions for gas and liquid measurements to support product refinement, process efficiency, and safety. CEMS solutions meet federal and state laws under EPA and state permitting regulations.

Recognized globally for execution excellence in process analytics and CEMS, Yokogawa has successfully delivered thousands of systems since 1967, including the world's largest petrochemical project.

Yokogawa Integration (formerly Measurementation) specializes in all aspects of analyzer system integration including engineering, consulting, and fabrication. Markets served include Engineering & Construction firms (EPC), end users in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), etc.

  • Analyzer shelters provide a controlled environment for protection from adverse conditions which can cause errors in analyzer readouts, as well as ease of use and maintenance.

  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) are used as a tool to ensure compliance with state and federal emission regulations.

  • Subpart Ja is the EPA rule in refineries to limit or eliminate vent gas flow to flares. All refineries must be in compliance with this regulation by November 11, 2015.

  • Process analytics is the method of measuring and monitoring a wide array of systems and components. This analysis is essential for environmental compliance and sustainable plant production in a wide variety of industries around the world.

  • Streamline project management by identifying the best technology and resources for your project. 

  • Ensure successful project scope by idefinitying specific project details like sample calculations and design requirements. 

  • Modify or create new installations of analyzer systems with our system integration services. 

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