ADMAG AXW Magnetic Flow Meters

The ADMAG AXW™ series of magnetic flow meters has been developed based on Yokogawa's decades-long experience in Magnetic Flowmeters. The AXW series continues the tradition of high quality and reliability that has become synonymous with the Yokogawa name.

The AXW series is ideal for industrial process lines, and water supply / sewage applications. With outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on decades of field-proven experience, the AXW will increase user benefits while reducing total cost of ownership.

Sizes are available from 500 to 1800 mm (20 to 72 inch.) with a wide liner selection such as PTFE, Natural hard rubber, Natural soft rubber, and Polyurethane rubber lining. Offering industry standard process connections such as ASME, AWWA, EN, JIS, and AS flange standards. A submersible version is also available.

Dependable Large Size Magnetic Flow Meter


Focusing the design of ADMAG AXW on measuring water and water-based liquids, the specifications are simplified and shaped up from our conventional large size meters.
ADMAG AXW provides reliable measurement for water applications.


Stable and ceaseless measurement is essential for water applications.
YOKOGAWA has been manufacturing large size meters for more than half a century.
ADMAG AXW inherits our technical knowledge and know-how on such as materials, thickness of tubing and lay length.

All elements of ADMAG AXW are based on YOKOGAWA's design philosophy ensuring robustness of our magnetic flow meters.


ADMAG AXW covers versatile applications in every industry and environment.
Liner material : Fluorocarbon PTFE, Natural hard rubber, Natural soft rubber, and Polyurethane rubber
Flange connection : ASME, AWWA, EN, JIS and AS

Combined Converter

AXFA11 Remote Converter

Nominal Pipe Size 500 to 1800 mm (20 to 72 inch) (General-purpose / Submersible)
Power Supply 100 to 240 V AC or 100 to 120 V DC, 24 V AC / DC [ combined with AXFA11 ]
Output Signals One current output, One pulse output, One alarm output, Two status outputs [ combined with AXFA11 ]
Fluid Temperature -10 to +120 deg.C (+14 to +248 deg.F) [ depends on model type ]
Ambient Temperature -10 to +60 deg.C (+14 to +140 deg.F) [ depends on model type ]
Accuracy ±0.35% of rate
±0.5% of rate
[ depends on model type ]
Fluid Conductivity 20 μS /cm or larger [ depends on model type ]
Lining Material Fluorocarbon PTFE
Natural hard rubber
Natural soft rubber
Polyurethane rubber
Electrode Material JIS SUS316L (AISI 316L SS Equivalent) Hastelloy C276 Equivalent
Process Connection ASME, AWWA, EN, JIS and AS

* Please refer to General Specifications in detail.


The new digester magmeter enabled accurate and stable flow measurement of the black liquor circulation line, helping the user to stabilize the cooking degree that determines the quality of the chip digesting process.

Instruction Manuals
General Specifications

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